1-The mountains
Describing Calgary as the “best of both worlds,” Donna Collins sums up what many Calgarians love the most about the city in a few words.

“You are literally 45 minutes away from the mountains, which is an escape from everyday life and where the possibilities are endless,” the 34-year-old Calgarian said.

“It’s the best of both worlds, you have your city life, where you live, work and go to school. Then you have your mountain life; an escape where you go to rejuvenate yourself.”

Collins and many Calgarians choose the mountains as the one thing that brings happiness to Calgarians — whether it’s for skiing, snowboarding, hiking, camping, fishing or biking.

“My friends ask me why would I drive to Banff just for a coffee. Well, why wouldn’t I?” she added. “We’re very lucky as a city to have such endless possibilities so close to us.”

2-17th avenue sw
Considered one of the trendiest streets in the city, 17th Avenue boasts culinary pleasure, hot fashion, cool patio beverages and an eclectic mix of who’s who in Calgary — keeping this thoroughfare thoroughly hopping.

3-Prince’s?island park
In the heart of the city along the picturesque Bow River, Prince’s Island is always hub of activity. Acting as a gateway from the downtown to the north side of the city, Prince’s Island is a great family picnic area, a place of quiet reflection or a gathering place for friends.

You can’t knock Calgary for a lack great festivals: Kensington Sun and Salsa, Lilac Fest, Folk Festival, Reggaefest, Taste of Calgary, Virgin Fest, Fiestaval Latin Fest, Calgary Jazz Festival, Carifest, Calgary International Film Festival … you get the picture.

5-Calgary stampede
Love it or leave it, the sights, sounds and smells of the Midway, and the ridin’, rustlin’ and ropin’ at the rodeo turn the city upside down every July. And many Calgarians will admit it’s the 10 days of the year they likely won’t remember ... forget ... er ... both.
with files from darren krause

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