Edmontonians like to pedal to the metal to get to work in the morning on their bicycles, or to take a nice ride down one of the city’s many park laneways.

That is according to Metro readers, when they were asked about what the many things are in their city that make them happy as Metro Canada continues with its ongoing Sunny Side campaign.

“When have you gotten in a car and actually felt happy about commuting? Whereas with people who cycle, including people like myself, I feel pretty happy,” said Michael Kalmanovitch, president with the Edmonton Bicycle Commuters’ Society.

“When you ride a bike, it’s not drudgery — it’s a very pleasant experience. I quite often cycle with a smile on my face. I like that.”

Edmonton has close to 265 kilometres of shared paths, sidewalks and multiuse trails that can be used for cycling, and that’s on top of the 217 kilometres of street-oriented bicycle facilities in the city that include bike lanes and on-street bike routes.

Cyclists in Edmonton also have 460 kilometres of single-track or unimproved trails to ride on, says the city, which has proclaimed June as Bike Month.

“It’s way easier to get around on a bike,” said Coun. Ben Henderson after launching a new city pilot project Thursday aimed at getting city employees onto bikes to promote active living.

Henderson said he will take a bike to city hall and that he goes all over the city on his two-wheeler, and he’s happier and healthier as a result.

Cyclists will also have a day to celebrate bicycling in Edmonton June 20 at the Beaver Hill House Park near Jasper Avenue and 105 Street for Bikeology Festival Day.

For more information, check out bikeology.ca.

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