Come on, this one’s a no brainer — careful planning will transform your slumber zone into a calming, special sanctuary. Yup, a well-crafted boudoir should be a relaxing retreat and an escape from the outside world.

But as we often say, ‘To fail to plan is to plan to fail.” Many bedrooms, in reality, are crazy obstacle courses of piled-up laundry, mismatched furniture and saggy past-the-sell-by-date mattresses.

The biggest Canadian bedroom problem is multi-tasking, which is to say, asking too much of too small a space.


So that means no ironing boards, no exercise bikes and definitely no computers stashed in a corner.

Remember — it’s a bedroom, after all, not a home office or gym.

The main event in any slumber zone is the bed and, because it’s the largest feature, it identifies your space. In much the same way as a painted or papered feature wall will provide personality, so too will a well-dressed bed provide visual punch.

It’s so worth taking all this into account when shopping for a new bed — or bed linen — so make sure you have a plan. Remember the aforementioned caution.

One third of your life, after all, is spent tucked in, so invest in a good quality mattress and treat yourself to the best pillows and dressings you can find. Brian Gluckstein’s range at the Bay is awesome value, so wander in for inspiration.

Ask yourself this question — what price is good slumber? As far as we’re concerned, a great night’s sleep is a better tonic than a life coach and more rejuvenating than Botox. So get it right!

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