Despite the team’s recent victory over the Edmonton Oilers, Cody Delarue doubts the Calgary Flames have what it takes to make it to the playoff finals.

“They’re not closers, they never have been,” he said. “There’s too much hostility with (Olli) Jokinen and the other Flames.”

After losing first place in the Northwest Division to the Vancouver Canucks, Calgary defeated the Edmonton Oilers 4-1 in Saturday night’s game and will enter the playoffs in fifth place.

A few fans, like Delarue, might have lost faith, said bartender Dan Smith, but he still expects a full house at the Garage Sports Bar when the team plays its first playoff game against the Chicago Blackhawks.

“As long as the Flames are playing, then the fans will be there,” he said. “Especially if they play like they played last night.”

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