Participants in an all out water-gun war fight it out at Stanley Park in Vancouver on Saturday.

Armed with neon super soakers and plastic pistols, roughly 200 people beat the heat this weekend at a flash mob water fight in Stanley Park organized on peer-networking website

The Facebook event’s site called for anyone interested to show up at the kids water park in Stanley Park at 1 p.m., warning, Be there or be dry!

It was set up to coincide with several other flash mob water fights taking place around the world, including one in London, later cancelled, which Vancouverites were trying to beat.

The site listed 14 codes of conduct, including requests for participants to clean up after themselves, not use dyed water and refrain from bringing water pistols that look like real guns. Flash mobbing refers to a social fad in which a large group of people assembles in a public place suddenly for a brief event then quickly disperses. Last year a flash mob pillow fight took place in Vancouver.

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