As reporters, we get a lot of press releases peddling the "latest and greatest" in new products. We had to pause for this one, though.

They're called FlipMe cards and, ladies, they will help you reel in the man of your dreams... allegedly.

The subject of the email read: FINALLY....A Dating System that Works!!

You see, FlipMe cards let women take charge and make the first move in a "fun, flirty" way. The cards offer a variety of funny, flirty, sexy and sometimes creepy messages (we'll get to those later) so that guys get the hint when they are subtly passed to them by demur ladies. The back of the card offers the woman's member ID along with how the lucky guy can get in touch with his not-so-secret admirer. He then has to go to the website and register if he wants to connect with her.


It all seems like a seamless process, according to the press release: "The woman selects the delicious hunk of man they would like to get to know better and approaches. She breaks out a FlipMe Card from their stylish, cosmetics-inspired case—it’s even got a mirror so she can make sure she looks her best first—and slides it over, catches his eye, and goes on her way."

Thank goodness for that mirror on that stylish case! Nobody wants something in their teeth when they are approaching a delicious hunk of man!

At first, we thought this was extremely ridiculous. Going up to a guy and slipping him a card, then hurriedly scampering away before he reads it and yells after you, "Excuse me, but what the hell is this?"

After some consideration, though, we started thinking this might be a revolution in flirting. First of all, it's unexpected. The element of surprise can be quite sexy, right? What guy wouldn't love getting a card that says something like, "Care to be Mr. Right Now?"

Could FlipMe cards be the new cocktail napkin? The new Facebook poke? The new OkCupid wink??

Take a look at the cards and let us know what you think!

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