Residents of two B.C. communities who were evacuated after heavy rain triggered floods and a mudslide can return home now that the downpour has died down.

About 70 trailers and a dozen homes were evacuated after a mudslide Friday washed out the main road in the village of Port Alice, on northern Vancouver Island.

In Kingcome Inlet, on the Mainland about 300 kilometres northwest of Vancouver, approximately 70 people were airlifted to safety Saturday after floodwaters continued to rise.

But RCMP Sgt. Phil Lue said yesterday the region is no longer being pelted with rain and excess water has started to recede.

“Things are a lot better, in a nutshell,” Lue said.

“We in the North Island here are used to some rain. ... But the amount of rain we did get and the amount of water that was flowing through rivers, streams and creeks (was) phenomenal.”

Residents of Port Alice and Kingcome Inlet were allowed to return home yesterday.