Storm leftovers will likely melt

Just as the vast storm cleanup nears completion, the snow is beginning to melt.



Temperatures are expected to rise incrementally over the next few days to a high of 5 C on Saturday, Environment Canada says. Wet flurries and rain are also forecast for the rest of the week.


To prevent flooding, work crews have been pushing the snow to the curb to keep catch basins open, Toronto transportation services director Myles Currie said yesterday.

"If people have a catch basin in front of their property and can open it up (by clearing snow from it), that would help us quite a bit," he said. At the same time, crews are continuing to clear snow from targeted areas such as crosswalks, road medians and TTC bus stops. The focus has also turned to sidewalks around residences for senior and disabled citizens.

"I think the city is in really good shape," he said.

A second round of residential street plowing is complete. "Typically, we do one round but we ended up doing two because of the volume of snow."

this past february

  • Most parts of Toronto received as much as 26 centimetres of snow in the weekend storm, the heaviest snowfall since 1999. In February of this year, city crews had to cope with falling snow, ice and rain within a 24-hour period.