Police said Kiaron Thomas admitted he pulled the stunt as a prank.LakelandPD/Facebook

A Florida man had a hankering for pancakes and the middle of the road seemed like the perfect place to eat them.


Kiaron Thomas, 21, pulled thehot cake caperthat landed him in trouble with police in Lakeland, Florida, a city in Polk Country, east of Tampa.


Lakeland Police Department received a call on Monday that a man was blocking the flow of traffic by sitting in the middle of a crosswalk eating flapjacks on a TV table.


By the time officers arrivedon the scene, Thomas was gone, but a video of the prank posted on Facebook led police right to Thomas and his belly full of breakfast.


Thomas was charged with obstruction in the roadway and disrupting the free flow of traffic. He is due back in court in April.


Warning: Video contains language NSFW.