Linsey Owens, 83

Sarasota County Jail

While you were working...

An 83-year-old man in Florida was not happy with his scratch-off prize from a Nissan dealer, so he attacked a salesman with a golf club.

A court reversed the DUI conviction of a man who struck a car with his wheelchair.

What were the craziest, most bizarre stories of 2016? These.


The United States isn’t taking Russia’s election hacking without hitting back. Thirty-five Russian diplomats were kicked out, two compounds were closed and sanctions against Russia have been put in place.

Former Arizona Sheriff Arpaio, known for his tough stance on illegal immigration, has asked for a civil contempt finding against him to be nullified.

The death of Heisman Trophy winner Rashaan Salaam was ruled a suicide.

Authorities said there is no evidence that the Berlin Christmas market attacker had a network in Italy.

A former NFL player died this morning in a “freak accident” at the age of 39.

The imprisonment rate in the United States has fallen to 1997 levels.

“Saturday Night Live” and Twitter users might have joked that Canada was the country that should be building a wall, but it seems Trump’s populism has crept across the border to our friends up north.

Serena Williams is getting married.

Have a happy and safe New Year's!



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