City cracks down on people who don’t shovel

Toronto has issued a flurry of tickets to property owners who refuse to clear snow from their sidewalks.



As of March 5, Toronto had issued 342 tickets with a $125 fine.



City officials couldn’t come up with figures comparing tickets year over year.

But in the Toronto-East York district — essentially the old City of Toronto plus East York — the city has issued 274 tickets this winter, roughly twice as many as the 143 issued last year. The year before that just 14 tickets were written.

The reason for the heavier ticketing this year is simple, says Myles Currie of the transportation services department: More snow.

"Last year winter didn’t really start until mid-January. After that, we had one, maybe two, small plowing operations."

A ticket is issued only if the snow is still obstructing the sidewalk on a follow-up visit a day or two later.

"We don’t want to penalize people," Currie said. The goal is to prod property owners to clear their own snow, and more than 80 per cent do.

Residents who want to complain about uncleared snow can call the city at 416-338-9999.

numerous warnings

  • The city tries to keep ticketing to a minimum, Currie said. When a complaint about uncleared snow comes in, a city official is dispatched and issues a warning if justified. About 3,000 warnings have been issued this winter.