Focus on success of women, not jokes




Re: Women’s baseball exhibit, ahem, not wellrounded.


I was appalled by Marty York’s article published in Metro on Sept. 20 about a popular new exhibit dedicated to women in the baseball hall of fame.


I cannot believe that before mentioning any one of the outstanding women who would be featured in such an exhibit he first quotes a male athlete complaining about the distinct lack of “chicks” flashing their “boobs” in the display.

Your cutesy headline about the exhibit not being “ahem, well rounded” didn’t help matters.

You embarrassed yourselves and your publication by publishing an article that should have been about high-caliber female athletes and businesswomen, but instead focused almost entirely on cheap jokes.

How did this piece make it past the editors? I suggest that you edit out this kind of outdated nonsense in the future.

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