You heard it here first, folks: Most rules about wine are as
relevant today as The Backstreet Boys. While I’m all about busting
liquid myths (stop smelling those corks people!) the old adage that
most wines taste better with food is true.

If there’s a
myth portion to the “wine needs food” idea it’s that by food I mean a
huge meal. Nope, I’m just as apt to keep things simple and
Mediterranean (with a plate of sliced meats, a little cheese and some
bread); especially if I want the wine I’m having to take centre stage.

Give the match a try with a ripasso wine from Italy. The 2006 Folonari Valpolicella Classico Superiore Ripasso ($16.95 - $18.99) has deep plum-infused fruit while the 2005 Pasqua Sagramoso Valpolicella Superiore Ripasso ($16.90 - $22.99) is a bit richer and raisiny.


Peter Rockwell is the everyman’s wine writer, working in the liquor industry for more than 25 years and travelling the globe looking for something to fill his glass and put into words.

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