Alright ladies, spring is here and that probably means you want to get lean and mean for the summer. However, before you beeline it to the treadmill and weights, work on your diet first, say celebrity trainers and brothers, Chris and Marty Smits.

“Fix your nutrition. The rest will fix itself,” says Marty, 36. “Nutrition is paramount,” adds Chris, 31. “It is almost 80 per cent of the equation for performance and weight loss.”

A balanced diet void of bad carbs like white breads, pastas, potatoes and sugars will also do wonders for your gut. Dairy and fatty foods are a no-no, says Marty.

Good carbs from leafy green vegetables, fruits, sweet potatoes, brown rice and legumes make the A-list. Even though you’re dieting, your body still needs fats. Good fats derived from fish, grape seed, almonds and uncooked olive oil also make the list, but don’t overdo it. Avocado is fine, but keep your portion to a quarter, he adds.

Originally from Kingston, the Smits have been living in Toronto for 10 years. The pair runs a fully equipped fitness studio in Queen East near Broadview Avenue ( Unlike regular gyms, the three-year-young facility provides private one-on-one and small group training only. Bookings are by appointment only and range around the $100-per-hour mark depending on one’s goals. Certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association, the Smits boast a celebrity clientele comprising Miss Universe Canada, Inga Skaya; actors Katheryn Winnick and Mark Conseulos; former Toronto Maple Leafs forward Gary Roberts; and supermodel Yasmine Warsame. Joining the celebrity roster of late is IBF world boxing champion, Steve “The Canadian Kid” Molitor.

And what about their Adonis physiques? “It comes from a lifetime of training hard and proper nutrition,” say the Smits. Prior to becoming personal trainers, the brothers were provincial level speed skaters and played football throughout university and high school.

While Chris is currently training for a spot on the Canadian bobsled team as a pusher, all the publicity they’ve garnered in the media from TSN, The Toronto Star, Entertainment Tonight Canada and Fashion File has sparked ideas of having their own fitness TV show.

However, you don’t need a TV show to indulge in these fitness tips from the Smits: Ladies should engage in at least two cardio and two weight training sessions lasting between 20 to 60 minutes a week. Body type, age and health conditions will, of course, affect your routine.

On average, women aged 18 to 35 should consume between 1,200 and 2,000 calories a day. A weekly session of yoga will also spruce up your regimen.

Consulting a doctor before embarking on an exercise routine is advisable. So is hiring a trainer, adds Chris. “Invest in yourself and hire a qualified, experienced personal trainer. It will keep you motivated and accountable. Also, you want to make sure you are training correctly and not wasting your time.”

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