People lined up yesterday just to get a chance to shop at a new grocery store, one that heralds a new beginning for a once-desolate stretch of Jasper Avenue.


The Sobeys store, at 104 Street, houses everything from a bistro/tapas bar, a café, all the way to in-store made sushi.


Mark Lupien, spokesman for Sobeys West, said a grocery store draws people downtown, and with new apartments and condos opening nearby, the area will take on new life.


“Part of that revitalizing is getting people down here, and a grocery store is something like that,” he said. “We’re proud to be a part of that.”


Lupien said they wanted to take a unique approach that both serves basic grocery needs and also boasts a variety of food options available nowhere else.

The store is designed for the quick pickup rather then a large shopping spree, which Lupien says fits well with the location. “We’re catering to the people who come and shop everyday,” he said.