Snacks can help you think clearly, experts say

When students decide to study through the wee hours, experts suggest they eat foods that’ll keep them sharp and combat accompanying stress and anxiety.

They’re called brain foods. Different nutritional experts have different ideas about what the best brain foods are, but they all agree with your mom about the value of fish. Fish is, of course, high in vitamins B, C and E and studies have shown they increase memory and improve mood. And the antioxidants from fish are great, too.

Seriously, though, do you really have time to head into a kitchen at 3 a.m. and start preparing some halibut?


“Students won’t take a lot of time for food when they’re focusing on studies all night,” acknowledged Elizabeth Snell, a dietitian in Toronto for more than three decades. “They need snacks, finger foods that can be eaten quickly and can help them think clearly.”

Most nutritional experts agree that breakfast is a must on the morning of all-nighters. Even unbalanced breakfasts — a simple bowl of cereal and milk, for instance — can fuel the body with energy needed for all-night battles.

Stay away from fats since they can make you feel sleepy. And pack smart snacks for your all-nighter.

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