The union representing federal food inspectors says Canadians aren’t any safer now than they were during the deadly listeriosis outbreak two years ago.

They say that’s because the Conservative government still hasn’t implemented all 57 recom- mendations made by an independent investigator.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency says it will report back next September on how it has adopted the recommendations.

Chief among the union’s concerns is what it says is a lack of inspectors working in non-slaughter meat plants.

The union says there are fewer inspectors working in meat plants now than before the listeriosis outbreak. But the CFIA says that’s not the case, and in fact there are more inspection staff than ever.

The CFIA says it is adding 170 inspectors to its staff, and 150 of them are already hired.

But union head Bob Kingston says Canadians are still at risk.

“Effectively, this means that consumers are eating high-risk, ‘ready-to-eat’ foods that may not have been adequately inspected, produced in factories that may or may not be meeting safety requirements,” he said.