‘Bad’ foods are fighting back

North Americans are getting increasingly intimate with their food, and 2008 likely will see the relationship deepen.

Local foods

In marketing terms, “organic” has jumped the shark. Savvy food marketers today are latching onto the latest child of the natural foods movement — local — and are trying to take it mainstream.

“Bad” foods fight back

Tired of being the nutritional bad boys, foods of questionable nutritional value are fighting back. The white bread industry recently ran an ad saying eating enriched white bread may help improve your memory.


Fat-laden foods also are joining the fray. Unilever-owned Hellmann’s recently had an ad that admonished, “It’s time to say no to fake food.” New jars of Hellmann’s mayonnaise are labelled “Real.”

New “sugars”

Speaking of nutritional culprits, sugar better watch its back. A growing variety of alternative natural sweeteners, from honey-like agave syrup to ultra-sweet stevia, are crowding grocers’ shelves.

Many of these products once were limited to the lower shelves of natural food stores, but now are showing up in mainstream markets and in a growing variety of products.

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