We’re educated and for a large part, we’ve got a bit of cash to spare. And when we do, we’re not afraid to spend it on wine and good food.

“Ottawa can boast one of the highest household incomes and one of the highest education levels of any city,” said Ottawa Wine and Food Show producer Joan Culliton.

Whether or not it’s related, more than 25,000 people came out to the 24th annual show at Lansdowne Park over the weekend — a three per cent increase over last year.

“People who come to shows like this are sophisticated in terms of what they like,” agreed Sue Burgess, owner of the Copper Kettle Chocolate Company.

“And Ottawa is a sophisticated city. People here enjoy very good food, and in general, are more discerning,” added Burgess, who makes delicacies, including chocolates and truffles, in small batches and by hand in Picton, Ont.

The show is an opportunity for people not only to sample new wines and wine and food pairings, but to learn, said Culliton.

Attendees got to watch over 20 chefs at work in kitchen demonstrations, and get the recipes after.

“To me, it’s about learning and having a good time while you’re at it,” said Culliton.

“They can take what they experience here and carry it forward.”

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