February is shaping up to be a fantastic month for foodies in Halifax with the return of Savour.

Starting Sunday, Nova Scotians will be able to taste rare wines, try new restaurants and even be a chef for a day.

“I have three rules: Bring your liver, bring your appetite and don’t ask for seconds — keep moving,” jokes Gordon Stewart, executive director of the Restaurant Association of Nova Scotia.

One of Stewart’s highlights is the opportunity to hang out with Chef Renée Lavallée of The Five Fishermen.

That’ll set you back a cool $100, but Stewart says it’s worth it.

“Chef Renée will take you down to the Farmers’ Market. You pick up your food and head back to the Five Fishermen. You cook your food right with her and then sit down and eat it,” Stewart says.
“It’s really fun.”

Restaurants across the province participating in the prix-fixe menu will be offering meals at three set rates, allowing you to enjoy the food without losing your appetite when the bill arrives.

Events climax with the Savour Food and Wine Show on Feb. 26, returning to the Halifax Marriott this year.

At least 60 restauranteurs and wine merchants will gather to take food lovers to paradise.

“It’s not the biggest food show of the year, but it’s the best. Some of the chefs do incredible stuff,” Stewart says.

There’s also the new Rare and Fine Wines event.

For $110, wine-lovers will get to sample 28 select wines not sold in stores.

Chef Dennis Johnson of Fid on Dresden Row is offering hands-on cooking classes with “supper clubs” Feb. 22 and 23.

A small group will join Johnson in his kitchen to learn how to make appetizers, main courses and desserts.

“I coach them through the meal and they do all the cooking,” Johnson says.

Go to Fidcuisine.ca for more information.

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