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For Movember, here are mustaches Photoshopped onto celebrities

Do you enjoy facial hair on previously clean-shaven celebrities? We hope you do!

It's November, which means it's time for beards and mustaches to start appearing on the faces of dudes whose faces were previously as smooth as Bible school freshman's -- all to benefit men's health. (UPDATE: Movember has emailed us to say that the movement is solely for mustaches. All beards grown during November are purely recreational!)

We're not taking part this year (our mothers wouldn't allow it), so to make it up to you, we've decided to Photoshop famous celebrity mustaches on the faces of famously clean-shaven celebrities. What do you think?

Julian Assange gets an infusion of walrus-spirit with Wilford Brimley's mustache.

He's not a "Baby"-face anymore! Justin Bieber looks very confusing when he grows Tom Selleck's mustache.

Who is the man, who would risk his life for his brother man? (O!) If Barack Obama had John Shaft's awesome '70s facial hair, there would frankly be no doubt about his re-election prospects. He would just be that cool.

This is more subtle. Simon Cowell actually looks pretty good with his countryman Peter Sellers' mustache affixed atop his upper lip.

The rent is too damn high, and so is Joe Biden's fashion sense, when he gets Jimmy McMillan's amazing facial hair.

Kim Kardashian looks like a beautiful pink flamingo with John Waters' famous pencil-thin 'stache.

Which look is your favorite?

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