Lindsay Lohan’s borrowed sports car is up for auction, reports.

The Maserati Quattroporte car — worth $115,000 US — was put on website eBay by its owner Dennis DeSantis, with a starting price of $25,000.

He had lent the white car to the actress in March, but days later her assistant had an accident while driving, causing around $10,000 of damage to its front.

Pornography producer DeSantis reportedly wasn’t worried by the damage to the car, however, and had sent it back to her as soon as it was repaired.

Lohan, 22, drove the car until it was removed by tow truck on May 27 for being illegally parked near her ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson’s home in Los Angeles. She instead rented a black Rolls Royce Silver Phantom.

The auction listing for the Maserati says it has been driven by Lohan, but doesn’t mention any accidents. Fans have until June 11 to make a bid for the vehicle.

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