The streets of Toronto rang with the “briiinggg” of bicycle bells Saturday as hundreds gathered to attempt a new world record and promote “green” living.

They arrived in droves to the city’s downtown core to join children’s entertainer Chris McKhool in a bid to break the record for the most bicycle bells rung to music at one time.

The current record stands at 503 and just moments before the attempt, officials announced they had run out of the 800 free bells they were handing out to participants.


“Breaking a Guinness World Record is not as easy as you think because this is not just about how many bells are being played,” he told the swelling crowd that gathered at Yonge and Dundas Square. “They have to be arranged in a musical way.”

The crowd was to play its bells on cue to a tune McKhool wrote especially for the event —Walk And Roll.

“It’s a song that celebrates the environment,” said McKhool, whose performance and world record attempt was part of the Green Toronto Festival.

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