Forbes released a list of the world’s billionaires Monday morning and once again you are not on it.

The list'stop twenty features Bill Gates at the prized number one spot, and Carlos Slim Helu a Mexican business magnate in second place.It’s worth nothing that the two are separate by a measly $2 billion in net worth.

The list's top twenty also features three women: Christy Walton of Walmart (net worth $41 billion) and Liliane Bettencourt of L'Oreal (net worth $40 billion), and Alice Walton (net worth $29.4 billion).

Evan Spiegel of Snapchat is the youngest billionaire to make the list at the tender age of 24-years-old and holds a networth of $1.5 billion.

Here are the top 20 billionaires of the world:


1) Bill Gates, $79.2 Billion

2) Carlos Slim Helu, $77.1 Billion

3) Warren Buffet, $72.7 Billion

4) Armancio Ortega, $64.5 Billion

5) Larry Ellison, $54.3 Billion

8) Charles Koch, $43.9 Billion

7) David Koch, $42.9 Billion

8) Christy Walton, $41.7 Billion

9) Jim Walton, $40.6 Billion

10) Liliane Bettencourt, $40.1 Billion

11) Alice Walton, $39.4 Billion

12) S. Robson Walton, $39.1 Billion

13) Bernard Arnault, $37.2 Billion

14) Michael Bloomberg, $35.5 Billion

15) jeff Bezos, 34.8 $Billion

16) Mark Zuckerberg, 33.4 Billion

17) Li Ka-shing, $33.3 Billion

18) Sheldon Adelson, $31.4 Billion

19) Larry Page, $29.7 Billion

20) Sergey Brin, $29.2 Billion

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