With the controversial Peace Bridge put on hold once again, the city’s general manager of transportation is anticipating the contractor wants the city to foot the bill.

Mac Logan said that while the contract between the contractor and the city is fixed, it’s possible Graham Construction could seek more money.

“I would not be surprised, but they haven’t done so yet,” he said. “If we had changed the scope or the materials or something like that, then we would be liable for those costs but ... from my perspective, Graham is responsible for the additional costs.”

Logan said the opening date has been pushed back because of difficulties welding. Ald. Gord Lowe said the bridge is an elaborate structure and needs to be constructed properly.

“It’s a very, very complex structure to assemble here,” he said. “It’s very intricate kind of welding that they go through and I guess it’s just taking additional time.”

Logan saw it the same way.

“The rescheduling is based on the contractor understanding some of the complexities of the final assembly,” he said.

Graham Construction declined to comment when contacted by Metro.

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