As a follow-up to last week’s column on romantic spots to bring your special someone on Valentine’s Day, this instalment of The Pulse is dedicated to those who forgot about Cupid yesterday, and are now going to pay dearly for the oversight. That’s right, you now need to spend a lot of cash to prove your belated love and respect for your significant other. The following are a few high-end options to do just that.



66 Wellington St. W.


Ambience: This suit-friendly hotspot has a great — albeit highly over-priced — bar nestled between some of the city’s most spectacular skyscrapers.

Will this gesture open the door to my romantic redemption?: It likely will, but I’d still order a very expensive bottle of champagne to reinforce this romantic make-up move.

But enough to get lucky?: That will require two bottles of very fine bubbly.


Supper Club

314 Queen St. W.


Ambience: The dining and dancing vibe could be your salvation, not forgetting the well-prepared cuisine and prompt service. Think of Ultra as a solid, post-Valentine’s option for the dejected trendsetting partner in your life.

Will this gesture open the door to my romantic redemption?: It’s a heck of a start. If nothing else, you can be guaranteed some great music, a solid crowd and even a few interesting cocktails.

But enough to get lucky?: There’s a good chance, but if all else fails and things take a turn for the worse, there are plenty of other patrons with whom to mingle.


Supper Club

19 Toronto St.


Ambience: Think corporate-friendly with a trendy twist in an elegant setting.

Will this gesture open the door to my romantic redemption?: There’s a strong chance, especially if these plans are made in advance (recommended) to prove you actually do think about these things without being prompted.

But enough to get lucky?: There’s nothing like a landmark building and maybe even the well-timed appearance of a dozen long-stem roses to turn your luck around.

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