A former QMJHL player is taking the league to court, claiming it is refusing to pay him bursary money for his education.

Brett Morrison, 22, of Howie Centre, is asking for $3,500 for every year of post-secondary education he completes, up to a maximum of $15,000, plus damages and costs.

A notice of claim also states that Morrison is asking to be paid $7,000 of that $15,000 total immediately for the two years he’s completed at St. Francis Xavier University.

Morrison, a former Anaheim Ducks draft choice who now plays for the St. Francis Xavier X-Men, played for three QMJHL teams over four seasons.

“I just feel that I should get some part of my money from the Q,” said Morrison, adding the court action is his last resort after trying unsuccessfully for more than a year to get education money from the league.

“I ended up not getting anything. We figured we should give it at least a try.”

Before it was amended in August 2009, the QMJHL’s education policy stated a former player was eligible for bursaries totalling $16,000 for a four-year degree if he met three requirements outlined in a June 3, 2009 letter sent to Morrison by commissioner Gilles Courteau.

The requirements stated that a player must not refuse to play in the league as a 19-year-old, he must return to full-time studies no later than one year after the end of his junior career, and he must “seriously attend” school for at least four academic sessions during his junior career.

At the time, Courteau said Morrison didn’t fulfill the third requirement, but Morrison insisted it was impossible to meet the requirement because he was bounced around the league so much.