Baby formula needs babysitting.

At the Pharma Plus on Kingston Road, assistant manager Ruth Maravilla keeps the powdered baby product close to where she sits, puts two security tags on each can and tries to keep a minimal number of tins on the shelves.

The formula still gets stolen.

“It goes missing all the time,” said Maravilla. “We do everything we can, but formula is one of the things shoplifters go for. It sounds crazy but it’s true.”

Some rip off the tags, or they load a basket with formula and try to run out the door.

A costly item that is an essential for some homes, baby formula attracts shop-lifters because they can sell it on the black market.

A security guard was stabbed Tuesday at Sheridan Mall when she tried to stop a man fleeing the Zellers store with baby formula. She was taken in critical condition with a perforated kidney to Sunnybrook, where her condition has stabilized.

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