If you got a ticket because you were forced to park illegally in the wake of last week’s destructive storm, you might be off the hook.

The Toronto Police parking enforcement unit says it will consider withdrawing some tickets issued in areas that experienced heavy damage during the storm, where people were forced to park in permit or no-parking zones.

“With the situation being brought to our attention, we were able to look at it and quite clearly see that this is definitely an area for consideration,” says Const. Wendy Drummond.

A Beach resident who got a ticket for parking illegally after a tree fell during last week’s destructive storm, preventing him from parking in his normal spot, has learned he won’t have to pay.

“I definitely feel a lot better. I just hope the other people who got tickets can get theirs withdrawn, too,” said Paul Jensen, who couldn’t park in the underground lot at the El Pueblo apartment building on Beech Avenue.

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