Car thefts in metro have spiked — downwards — after police busted a chop shop operating in the Harrietsfield Industrial Park.


A show and tell of recovered car parts is set for this morning at a press conference. RCMP are calling the shop one of the most active they’ve seen in some time.


“We haven’t had any chop shops, to my knowledge, in the past several years that we’ve taken out that had the volume of vehicles that this had,” said Const. Darryl Morgan, provincial auto theft coordinator.


Police recovered parts from 18 vehicles which were recently stolen and mostly from within the province.


“As a result of this chop shop being taken down, we’ve had a significant drop in vehicle thefts in metro and around the province.”

Police recovered the stolen property on May 7 and made three arrests shortly after. They’re holding a press conference now because they just recently made the fourth, and final, arrest.

“It took us a while to figure out where all the component parts came from because these vehicles were all broken up into smaller pieces,” Morgan said.