PARIS - France says it wants Quebec to adopt a more prominent role on the world stage in the fight against climate change.

On Wednesday, the French prime minister praised Quebec for its efforts against global warming.

Francois Fillon even asked the province to participate in the next round of Kyoto Protocol negotiations.

During a meeting with Quebec Premier Jean Charest, Fillon said the "Quebec experience" should be showcased during the UN climate summit to be held in Denmark.

The Dec. 7-18 conference in Copenhagen is aimed at fixing new greenhouse gas emissions targets to replace the Kyoto accord, which expires in 2012.

Fillon and Charest also discussed the global recession and upcoming negotiations on an economic partnership between Canada and the European Union.

It's not the first time climate change has come up during Charest's week-long visit to Europe.

Last Friday in Brussels, the premier said Ottawa should consult with the provinces before it makes any presentations at the Copenhagen climate conference.

He said the provinces won't agree to being left on the sidelines as Canada prepares for the meeting in Denmark.

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