There may be a few less people willing to scorch their skin for a tan this summer, thanks to a free clinic held yesterday at the Killarney Recreation and Aquatic Centre as part of the National Sun Awareness Week.


Carol Akbar brought her daughter Eva, 4, with her to the clinic just for a general check-up and information purposes.


“I think most people, especially parents, are aware of the importance (of proper protection), but it certainly doesn’t hurt to remind people,” Akbar said.


More than 60 people came, but the clinic had to turn away dozens more because the two dermatologists only had so much time.


This first clinic held in Calgary was to raise awareness of the dangers of the sun and answer questions about possible malignant skin growths such as moles.

Dr. Richard Haber, chief of dermatology at the University of Calgary and the Calgary Health Region said there had been a few people at the clinic that day who he would like to see again due to potential problems.

Haber said to be aware of your body’s skin and ask a family doctor if you notice changes. He recommends a minimum SPF 15, though SPF 30 is preferable.

“Although the sun might feel good, it’s not our friend,” the doctor said.
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