rafe arnott/metro vancouver


Sally Charlie listens to a veterinarian discuss spaying her four-month-old cat, Snuggles, during a free SPCA clinic in the Downtown Eastside yesterday.


Downtown Eastside residents lined-up yesterday outside of Mission Possible, an animal foodbank on Powell Street, for the launch of free monthly vet clinics.

Lorie Chortyk, general manager of communications for B.C. SPCA, said the vet clinics used to be held only when time and resources permitted.

Now the service will be available every month to provide the four-legged friends of Vancouver’s poorest residents free onsite vet exams and vaccinations.

“The people that live in this neighbourhood, they care so much about their pets, they take such good care of them, but a lot of them are living with challenging financial situations,” said Chortyk.

“This is our way to help them be the best pet guardians they can.”

Sally Charlie brought her four-month-old kitten, Snuggles, to the clinic to get her vaccinated. She said if the service weren’t available she wouldn’t be able to afford to care for her.

“She’s changed my life quite a bit,” said Charlie. “Just her love and warmth. I’d be lost without her.”

Pet food mission

  • The clinic launch coincides with the seventh anniversary of Charlie’s Food Bank, which distributed $54,000 of pet food last year alone.