Yellow Jersey’s Sauvignon, Pinot are right in pack

One of the icons of success in France — the Yellow Jersey worn by the leader of the Tour de France bicycle race — is the logo for a new line of easy drinking wines. Apart from their connection with athletic achievement — and the popularity of Lance Armstrong of course — these wines come in recyclable plastic bottles which have tiny jerseys embossed all over them for a good grip.


The biggest reason why this brand might be hugely successful is the association with the colour yellow which spawned success for Wolf Blass and Yellow Tail. I’ll put my money on it. Yellow Jersey is the creation of the most dynamic person in French wine today, Jean-Charles Boisset, known to us for French Rabbit and Clos Jordanne.


I really like how Boisset has combined easy-drinking with the traditional style and feeling of French wines. Yellow Jersey wines are not a copy of Yellow Label — they feel drier, lighter, and less contrived. You’ll find they are less tiring on the palate. The price, however, is a bit cheeky.


I recommend Yellow Jersey Sauvignon and Pinot Noir for those who enjoy lively wines, and the Chard and Merlot for fans of the rich, slightly sweet style.


P.S. Rosé again! Last Saturday’s Vintages release has a really good, solid, earthy Rosé from the Mulderbosch winery in South Africa (#999821 $12.95). Have with anything barbecued, or a curry.

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Yellow Jersey ’05 Pinot Noir

France $14.95 (shown at left)

Yellow Jersey ’06 Sauvignon Blanc

France $14.95

Yellow Jersey ’06 Chardonnay

France $14.95

Yellow Jersey ’05 Merlot

France $14.95