Take away a few, add a couple more, divide by three and you have your roster of candidates for mayoral race.

And that was just the beginning of yesterday’s nomination day frenzy at city hall.

The unofficial-official nomination list, with 139 mayoral, alderman and school board candidates, was sent out last night and besides the big names citizens have grown accustomed to, a couple of lesser-known names like Sandra Hunter and Amanda Liu jumped into the mayoral fray.

Kent Hehr dropped the big surprise of the day as he declared early yesterday he was dropping out of the race, citing recent fourth place polling results.

“This world is full of people who delude themselves, people who chase at windmills, and I’m not going to be one of them,” he said. Another surprise was former Ward 11 alderman Barry Erskine, who threw his hat into the crowded mayoral ring. “I may be a dark horse but maybe I can stir things up a little bit,” he said as he signed his nomination papers.

Perhaps most unusual is the fact nobody is acclaimed for the city’s 14 wards — unlike in past elections — and that will make things interesting, according to political pundits.