With green views and warm interiors, Scenic on Eglinton is proof that nature and modern comfort can be weaved together harmoniously.

Built by Aspen Ridge Homes near Leslie and Eglinton, Scenic on Eglinton takes the natural splendour of beautiful Sunnybrook Park as its cue for both style and substance.

Model suite designer Mike Niven, president of Mike Niven Interior Design Inc., says the goal was to choose colours and textures that would let the views of Sunnybrook Park permeate the space.

“The focus was to bring a feeling of the outside into a modern environment. The view is incredible so it’s all about bringing the outside in,” Niven said.

Floor-to-ceiling windows throughout the suite and across the entire width of the main living area enable the great view, while splashes of apple green accents give life to the space. Cream and cappuccino shades combined with subtle off-neutral tones ensure the suite still exudes warmth.

“Not only did we want a sense of freshness, it also needed to feel warm. People need to feel like they can live here — we want people to walk in and feel like they can wind down,” Niven said.

A combination of retro and contemporary furniture was picked that provides clean lines, making a natural mix possible without making the space feel cluttered. Custom designs in the bedrooms focus on built-in accessories and pieces that create a unifying effect. The overriding motif is Italian — simple, clean and still luxurious.

“You have a mixture of modern Italian furniture and everything is more built-in so that it looks clean instead of cluttered,” Niven said.

Located past a counter vanity in the master bedroom, the impressive ensuite master bathroom splits off to a walk-in shower on one side and a separate toilet on the other, an effect usually reserved for penthouse suites but actually standard in a large number of Scenic on Eglinton’s suites. “It’s very spa-like, very different that I think anybody has tried in a standard unit,” Niven.

For more information, visit www.scenicliving.ca.

Scenic on Eglinton
• Builder: Aspen Ridge Homes

• Website: www.scenicliving.ca

• Availability: now

• Sizes & prices: Suites in the east tower range from 557 to 1,341 square feet with 9-foot ceilings, balconies (as per plan), granite kitchen counters, and five appliances. Prices for one-bedroom suites begin from $206,990, two-bedroom from $286,990, and three-bedroom from $515,990. Parking is included with each suite.