Fresh living and fresh ideas abound at OneCole in Toronto’s Downtown East.

The newest condominium development being offered by The Daniels Corporation is at the spearhead of a revitalization of Regent Park and the area surrounding Dundas and Parliament streets.

Stephanie Dimopoulos, director of decor at The Daniels Corporation, says the 829 square-foot, two bedroom/two bathroom model suite shows off OneCole’s philosophy that a sense of warmth should always trump formality.

“There’s no real formality in the space — it’s warm and inviting and friendly,” Dimopoulos said.

Neutral tones such as light and dark greys, delicate eggshell whites and silver highlights sustain a mood of openness while subtle dashes of colours like beachy yellows and cool blues add a touch of zip and create a space that Dimopoulos ultimately hopes feel just like home.

“The whole idea of the space was to keep it very light and airy. We wanted people to walk through the suite and feel like they could just sit down,” Dimopoulos said.

The overall style of the model suite, which Dimopoulos calls “urban fresh,” is meant to highlight the natural beauty of the outdoor surroundings, which stream through the suite’s impressive floor-to-ceiling windows.

“We wanted to bring the outdoor in with very a streamlined, clean, very contemporary colour palette,” Dimopoulos said.

The kitchen features medium-brown countertops with stainless steel appliances and stools with a burnished metal look that elicits a chic industrial style.

“We wanted to keep with the whole downtown feel and use things that were more industrial but still maintained their decorative elements,” Dimopoulos said.

In the master bedroom, freshness permeates with colour choices and neutral tones matched to the rest of the suite and punches of colour in the pillows. Quilted textures and subtle patterns create warmth in the space, which is designed to showcase just how easy it can be to outfit a bedroom on a budget as most of the furniture and decor items were bought at standard retail outlets before being personalized with a few design touches. The building’s amenities are available for tours and only a few choice suites remain so act fast if you want a peek — visit


• Builder: The Daniels Corporation;
• Website:;
• Availability: Now;
• Pricing: A few choice suites remain starting from $300,000.

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