If you’re a paraskavedekatriaphobe we’ve got some advice to help you get through this Friday the 13th — positive thoughts, and maybe some magic rocks.

We asked Vanessa Smith, co-owner of alternative spirituality and book store Little Mysteries, for some tips on surviving the day. Her advice in a nutshell: ignore it.

“I don’t think the number 13 is unlucky. That’s actually a relatively modern concept,” she said. “If you don’t invest negative energy in it, it’ll just be like any other day.”


Any other day? Has she seen the Friday the 13th movies?

“Yes, I have. But I don’t think Hollywood movies should determine how we live our lives.”

Fair enough. But there’s got to be something besides positive thinking for the more superstitious among us.

“Mostly the people who ask us about it aren’t really worried, they’re just curious about where the whole thing comes from,” said Smith.

“But for those who want some thing comforting we suggest some stones that are seen as being lucky.”


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