Lawsuit or not, Nicholas Cage’s manager isn’t the only person to blame for his financial woes. According to friends, Cage himself is at fault as well.

“There’s a cluelessness. He’s been wealthy since he was 17 years old, and so he’s very removed from normal decision-making,” a pal tells the Daily Beast. “The mentality was, ‘That’s what houses, cars, diamonds, jets cost. Get it, get it, get it.’”

Cage allegedly “spent money like water,” buying up more than a dozen homes, countless cars, a collection of rare animals and a dinosaur skull. “Nic at an auction is dangerous,” the friend says.

Among Cage’s many, many expenditures — as tabulated by New York magazine — were the following: One jet and two yachts.

In 2007, he outbid Leonardo DiCaprio for a dinosaur skull, shelling out $276,000 for the artifact, reports.

His homes included three castles — plus two islands in the Bahamas. Among his “dozen or so” mansions, one Bel Air home, purchased in 1998, features a billiard room with a 1955 Jaguar parked inside plus an array of “shrunken heads.”