Canadian native, Cory Monteith shot to overnight stardom playing naïve high schooler, Finn Hudson on Fox’s musical TV series, Glee. Now in its second season, the 28-year-old actor is grateful for his lucky break in a hit show after seven years trying his luck in Hollywood since moving from his hometown in Victoria. Metro caught up with the actor on the Paramount set where he revealed that his TV character is not that different from himself in high school.

What were you like in high school?
I was kind of a geek actually. I was definitely not a sports guy or a football hero. I spent a lot of time in the computer room. I was kind of an introverted kid.

Are you in any ways similar to Finn?
I’m similar to Finn in the sense that there’s a certain naïve quality to him which I can relate to, but that was many years ago – now I am just bitter and jaded! Tarnished by the world. (Smiles) He’s a lot more optimistic than me, not to say that I’m a pessimist but he’s very idealistic in a way. There’s a way that things should be as far as Finn is concerned and I’m a little more pragmatic than that.

You went through a period where you did a lot of odd jobs – Wal-Mart greeter, school bus driver, roofer, cab driver – did you ever question your acting career choice?
Always. I almost quit countless times. I think that’s the part of most actor’s stories. There was a point before I got a job – another TV gig called Kyle XY, where I was installing hardwood floors for 10 bucks an hour. I was literally making ends meet. I was thinking, maybe this acting thing may not work out. This was five years ago.

What does your family back in Canada think of your success?
It’s been a kind of a slow burn for them too as I’ve been doing this in LA for seven or eight years and one job has led to the next. but everybody is just excited for me finally because Glee has turned into such a huge show. I got the privilege of hosting the Gemini Awards this year in Toronto, which is a big deal for Canadian television and I brought my mom from Victoria. It was one of the greatest experiences of my life.

What can we expect from Finn and Rachel in Season 2?
You can always expect Finn and Rachel! That’s all I know. Twists and turns and ups and downs. I think that their relationship is a constant.

How would you like them to evolve as a couple?
I love working with Lea Michele, she’s incredibly talented. Working opposite her is a pleasure. I would love for that to continue.

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