Aynsley Floyd/GM Photo


Robin Harris models a dress inspired by the 2008 Buick Enclave created by design student Anastasia Chatzka of Chesterfield, Michigan at the “Imagine 2007” fashion show.


Cutting edge fashion hit the runway recently at the International Academy of Design & Technology’s 28th annual fashion show, “Imagine 2007.” Held in Chicago, the student fashion show showcased some of the best young designers’ work.

In themed segments, both conceptual and ready-to-wear designs were unveiled. Students took their inspiration from insects, hobo bags, architecture, tree branches — and, surprisingly, cars.

One of this year’s most intriguing concepts was to design a garment around an automobile. The competition challenged designers to think “outside the box,” using the car’s shape, technology, colour and interior as the foundation for their inspiration.

A stand-out design came from Nora DelBusto, who fashioned an ultra modern dress from the electric concept car, the Chevrolet Volt. Capturing the shape of the grille, the dress mirrored the technical details and technology of the car.

Another winning design came from Shalanda Jarret. The designer took her inspiration from Saturn’s Aura Greenline Hybrid, using earth tones and rock beading to reflect the Hybrid’s environmental commitment. More than 100 jury-selected student fashions were showcased, making the annual show a fashionista’s dream come true.