Their famous lyric is "everyday we're shuffling," but maybe they should alter it to "everyday we're scuffling."

In an interview with The Washington Post, RedFoo said the song "We Came Here to Party" was inspired by his bandmate Sky Blu's argument with Mitt Romney.

The incident happened in February 2010 when Sky Blue recline his chair too far back into Romeny's space while on a Jet Blue flight.

The lyrics of the song include:


“We came here to party (ROCK!)/We didn’t come here to fight/ We both get a lot of attention in the press / You sellin' books and wanna be the president / We sellin' hooks and the flow is heaven sent / We both hustlin' so why we tustlin'.

RedFoo told the Washington Post that after the incident made national news, "both parties were fighting. Mitt Romney's fan were attacking the LMFAO fans and the LMFAO fans were going back and forth."

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