Much-photographed fashion consultant and front row regular Yasmin Sewell is a pro at navigating the competitive fashionistas, insane schedules and traffic jams that make up the four fashion weeks.

The intensity
“Fashion week is hectic from start to finish. I start each morning by analyzing the show schedule, which is usually epic. Next, I cram in my appointments. The front row is especially intense. How you feel depends on your state of mind. Sometimes you’re comfortable in your own skin. But if you’re not feeling your best, it can be difficult. You’re in a confined space where you know everyone and everyone is essentially a competitor. I switch off and observe. I focus on why I’m there rather than on myself.”

The fashion face
“I find it hard to hide it when I’m impressed or not impressed with the clothing. If I care about the designer, I just want to jump up and down. But I have to restrain myself. Everyone else has their ‘fashion face’ on. They show no emotion so as not to give away what they’re thinking. “


The rankings
“Of the four Fashion Weeks, London is my number one. I have an emotional attachment there. Then it’s New York. I love the city and although it’s not always the best fashion, it’s fun and energizing. Third up is Milan, as the food is amazing. Everything is so easy there; you can get a taxi in two minutes. Paris is beautiful and it’s where all the fashion happens, but it’s the final city. By then, I’m tired and don’t really get to enjoy it as much. Paris is also a bit of a disaster because there always seems to be a taxi strike or something falling apart. They should hire a manager or a logistics guy just for Fashion Week.”

The paparazzi
“I’m not very comfortable in front of the camera so I just laugh at it and get the nervous giggles. Maybe I should try to work a cool pout.”

The maintenance
“I’m hopeless with makeup but I do moisturize to give my skin a healthy, dewy look. I eat well and that keeps my skin glowing. I’m more about how I feel in my body than makeup. In Paris I have a masseuse on speed dial. Meditation is key in keeping me going so I try to do it twice a day. It completely balances you and relieves stress from the body.”

When it’s all worthwhile
“One of my best front row experiences was Alexander McQueen’s first New York show in 1999. There was a horrible snowstorm and the whole city practically shut down. The storm was no match for McQueen and he still went ahead with the show. He got us all there by limousine.”