mcrib meat Frozen McRib patties: ribbed for your pleasure?
Credit: Reddit

Redditor DJDanaK posted a photo of frozen McRib patties after his friend who works at McDonald's snapped a photo. The frozen McRibs are certainly ribbed, and look like a rack of something — maybe a rack for mini skis?

The light pink, restructured meat product definitely doesn't look like ribs, though. Some Redditors waved off the photo and said it wasn't very shocking. One user defended the chain, saying, "Honestly, it looks better than I would have expected. Pretty good production standards."

If the patty looks so unlike meat, though, then what's in it? A 2011 Consumerist post reported on the process of creating restructured meat, writing, "There’s no rib in a McRib. There are about 70 other ingredients. The greatest amount of them come from ground-up low-value pork trimmings mixed together with salt and water to create “meat logs” that are then carved to size."


On the plus side, smiles are free at the fast food joint.

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