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Frozen treats for your freezer

<p>Check out some of the new flavors hitting up stores.</p>

Check out some of the new flavors hitting up stores.

  • Laura Secord ice creams are available at Dominion stores in Ontario. Flavors available include their French Crisp, Pralines & Cream Dream, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Old Fashioned Vanilla and the classic Laura’s Chocolate ($5.99 for 500 ml).

  • PC is keeping it Canadiana with their Pecan Butter Tart ice cream, with praline pecan pieces and a ripple of butter tart. ($3.99 for 1.65 L).

  • Tropical Treets are at Sobeys, Dominion or T&T Supermarket ($4.99+ for 1 L).

  • Haagen-Dazs has mini bars now ($6.29 for four bars). Nestlé has a new Nestle’s Dibs, available in vanilla, chocolate or Rolo, and sold in 26-piece packs ($2.29) or 60-piece packs ($4.49).