As residents of North Preston abandoned their road block on Lake Major Road, moods remained tense.

Group spokesman Neville Provo said HRM has met some of the group’s demands, but expects more issues will be brought up when residents meet with Mayor Peter Kelly next week.

“Not really so much a victory, it’s just now we have some of our needs met,” Provo said. “I don’t look it as a victory, (because) nothing (has) been done yet.”

Multiple protesters gathered around Kelly yesterday morning, asking him about black representation on council and issues facing the predominantly black community.

Kelly said residents had a number of concerns, including road conditions and lighting.

But the lingering allegations of racism and the lack of black representation still seemed to be the main issue for residents.

“Councillor Hendsbee is there on behalf of the community, we’re trying to deal with issues of need,” said Kelly.

“Certainly there were some frustrations as a result of this decision, and the best way to deal with it is to take that issue away,” he added. “We understand that this is a representative point of other concerns, and we need to make sure that we don’t ignore those concerns for the long term.”