Jeep driven from London to Berlin on one tank of gas

« This record achievement challenges the myth that all SUVs are gas guzzlers. »



Fuel economy experts John and Helen Taylor have driven a Jeep Compass and a Jeep Patriot, both standard production vehicles equipped with 2.0-litre turbodiesel engines and carrying two people and their luggage, from London to Berlin on less than a single tank of fuel each — an unmatched achievement among SUVs.


The husband and wife team first drove their Jeeps 1,059 kilometres between the two European capitals. On arrival in Berlin, there was sufficient fuel remaining in both vehicles for them to continue the journey, crossing the border into Poland. In total, they covered a distance of 1,124 km on the way to achieving their record.


During the 21-hour drive, passing through six countries, Helen Taylor achieved a fuel consumption figure of 3.6 L/100 km driving the Compass. John Taylor performed better, achieving a fuel consumption figure of 3.59 L/100 km in his Patriot.

The Taylors were observed during their marathon drive by an independent scrutineer, who travelled as a passenger in the Patriot. He ensured the fuel tanks of both vehicles were sealed at the start of the journey and verified the odometer readings and all fuelling procedures at the start and conclusion of the challenge.

“We already knew that the Compass and Patriot were among the most economical of all SUVs, but we were amazed by the fuel efficiency that these two vehicles were capable of during this drive,” said John Taylor.

“We drove on normal roads at realistic speeds with two people and their luggage on board and the traffic and weather conditions weren’t favourable at all — cold with many traffic jams,” he said.

“We used simple fuel economy driving techniques that any driver could replicate.”

His wife Helen added, “This record achievement challenges the myth that all SUVs are gas guzzlers.”