Fujiyama promising

Halifax is the Maritime Mecca for Japanese cuisine.

Fujiyama Japanese Restaurant
5244 Blowers St, Halifax

Rating: *** 1/2

Halifax is the Maritime Mecca for Japanese cuisine. In fact, there are now so many strong sushi and hibachi houses in and around the city one has to wonder if there is any more room on the East Coast for Far-Eastern fare?

Fujiyama is the name of a huge rollercoaster in Yamanashi, Japan. It was therefore fitting, perhaps, that my dining experience would have its ups and downs.

Appetizers of both Miso Soup and Sweet Potato Tempura were true to form, light and flavourful. The garden salad was fresh, crisp and smothered in a fine, zesty house dressing.

Entrees of Chicken Teriyaki and Steak Udon were passable — tender and lean — but both left a little to be desired, as did the Avocado Roll. The Crispy Spicy Salmon Roll was spectacular, however, gently battered and accompanied with mayo and honey wasabi.

A dessert of Banana Tempura with Ice Cream was also a standout, and a pot of Green Tea settled everything well. Service (by Tanya) was impeccable, and the Oriental décor is tasteful and authentic.

Given that the locale was still experiencing some opening-week jitters, the inconsistency was understandable. In time, the restaurant will surely find its footing.

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