Bobnoxious’ latest album goes down better with booze

Rockaholics: The Fun Drinking Game, the latest album from Bobnoxious, features a challenge where fans pound back at least either a beer or a shot before the end of each of their songs.


Caution. Listening to Bobnoxious might cause irreparable harm to your liver.

Not kidding. The two-year-old London, Ont. band’s recent corker of an album Rockaholics: The Fun Drinking Game features a challenge where you have to pound back at least either a beer or a shot before the end of each of their three-minute, balls-to-the-wall, ear-annihilating metal tunes without stopping before you consider yourself a hardcore fan. Even the band has had problems overcoming this imbibing event of Olympic proportion.

“How could we ask the fans to do it if we couldn’t do it ourselves?” front man and leader Bobnoxious (a.k.a. Bob J. Reid of Razor and S.F.H. fame) laughs. “(Lead guitarist) Jeffy (Bialkowsky) and I got through it. We got our Rockaholic certification. Wylie and Stan (drummer David Wyles and bass player Stan Fountain, respectively) had to buy out. But God bless ‘em, those guys did their best. The picture on the back of the CD is us playing the game and we’re totally smashed. It’s a fun game to play, but you should make sure you’re not doing anything for the next couple of days.”

That’s not to say that the band is only about booze and rocking out. Bobnoxious’ runs the gamut of subject matter from hangovers, depression and oddly enough for a metal band, life-affirming confidence builders.

“I think we’re a pretty obvious read,” Reid says. “You can stew in your problems or you can go out and do something about it. For us it’s about laughter and having a beer. Laughter is the best way to deal with that shit, especially with the maniacs in this band.”

On their upcoming remastered Christmas release (the first version they sold and donated the proceeds to a London Food Bank in 2005), HO HO HO, Bobnoxious even pens a Ramonesian spoof out of Hispanic Christmas classic Feliz Navidad called The Police Nabbed My Dad, a single they blasted out to the masses while taking part in that city’s annual Santa Claus Parade this year.

“We had a lot of fun with that one,” Reid says. “The parade went right in front of a cop shop, so we figured that would be a good spot to play the song.”

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  • Catch Bobnoxious at the Bovine Sex Club on Friday night.

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