Dressed in Kill Bill yellow, Brittany Latreille stopped about half-way down the side of the Macdonald Bridge tower to pull out her plastic sword and wave it around.

She was one of 30 people who rappelled down the bridge tower to the sidewalk for an Easter Seals Nova Scotia fundraiser.

“It was a great view,” said fellow participant Kevin Tomlinson. “But it’s a little scary when you first go over.”

The long climb to the top of the tower was not for the faint of breath, he added.

“I preferred the way up at 1801 Hollis because there was an elevator,” said Debby Chipman, who also participated yesterday.

Easter Seals hosts a rappelling event off of 1801 Hollis St. every year, but the bridge event is new.

Each participant had to raise at least $3,000 to go for the drop yesterday.

Chipman had no trouble raising the cash.

“They were like, ‘If Debby is crazy enough to do that, we’ll give it to her.’ And people were giving me double what they would normally give me if I was just going for a walk,” she said.

Chipman, who dressed up as Super Woman, added she’s never going to look at the bridge the same way again.

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